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Meet the… market analyst

Ellis Bezant, market analyst at Pebble, on being fresh to the industry, going down rabbit holes, and who is pioneering the way forward in...


Meet the… re-recording mixer

Molinare's Helen Miles tells TVBEurope how she started her career working on an antiques newspaper, before taking the plunge into freelance sound recording; and...


Meet the… head of production

Swixer's Helen Spokojny explains why working in the media industry means working with people who all have different skills and strengths, and the joy...


Meet the… head of metal

Brian Fowler from The ATS Team has helped design and fabricate obstacles on all seasons of Ninja Warrior in every territory the show has...


Meet the… creative director

Zixi's Elizabeth Utting-Quereuil reveals how she found herself working in the media tech industry, and why attending industry events and learning from colleagues and...


Meet the… sales executive

Pixotope's Kate Watson talks about how her job lets her go "behind the curtain" on major virtual production projects, and why now is the...


Meet the… product owner

Appear's Annette Hopland on why the media tech industry is a trifecta of amazing people, innovative technology, and an always-evolving industry, and what advice...


Meet the… marketing manager

AIMS API's Katie Thomson explains why she loves working for an AI-powered music search company, and why the industry should use artificial intelligence to...


Meet the… edit assistant

The Finish Line's Pat Bell explains why an edit assistant's typical day is always being ready to learn a new piece of software or...


Meet the… director

For Altman Solon director Anna Bartz, one of the great joys of working in the media is that it "keeps you on your toes"...


Meet the…. SVP of marketing

Bitmovin's Sophie Light-Wilkinson explains why she loves the pace of innovation in the media tech industry, and the importance of reviewing your achievements every...


Meet the… CEO

Intinor CEO Lina Zackrisson joined the media tech industry at the beginning of 2022, she talks about learning on the job and ensuring she...


Meet the… senior sales director

Ateliere Creative Technologies' Rosa Pereiro explains how a passion for communication sciences and finding out how electrons can carry voice, data and video from...


Meet the…president

Witbe’s Marie-Véronique Lacaze talks working in media, from the birth of the internet through today’s peak streaming, and why nothing can be achieved alone


Meet the…software architect

Vizrt's Marcus Bergner explains how a computer programming hobby led him into the broadcast industry, and why a software architect needs to be ready...

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