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Building a Case for 4K, UHD

This week’s NewBay Connect white paper focus is on Visual Unity, whose document ‘Building a Case for 4K, Ultra High Definition’ discusses the differences in quality in popular video codecs, including the recently ratified H.265 specification.


Samsung smart televisions driven by Tizen

Samsung Electronics has revealed that all of its smart TVs in 2015 will come equipped with its new Tizen operating system. Tizen, a standardised open-source platform, enables flexibility with even more content and devices.


Television evolves into the many

Disruption is part and parcel of the television industry, and today’s disrupters are the Hulus, Amazons and Googles of the world, offering over-the-top (OTT) services to devices of all types. They are making the viewing experience more accessible to consumers while at the same time challenging the dominance of traditional television providers for that audience.