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LG to roll out roll-up TVs in 2019

The company has no plans for foldable smartphones

LG will start selling “roll-up” TVs next year, according to Bloomberg.

The 65-inch TVs are designed to roll up and be put away “like a poster” at the touch of a button.

The OLED screens are said to produce crisper images and fold more easily than traditional LCD display panels.

LG demonstrated the rollable technology earlier this year but 2019 would mark its first commercial release, intended to revive a consumer electronics business in the face of price declines and Chinese competition.

Last month TVBEurope reported on Samsung unveiling its “foldable” smartphone, which according to Bloomberg is not currently on LG’s agenda as the company doubts the profitability of such a device given the uncertainty of demand and the cost of producing such a large screen for a mobile gadget.