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Samsung and Panasonic TVs get HDR10+ update

Firmware has been deployed to some 2018 models

Viewers using 2018 models of Samsung and Panasonic TVs have begun receiving HDR10+ firmware updates.

Both companies, along with 20th Century Fox, are founding members of the NDR10+ consortium.

HDR10+ adds dynamic metadata to each frame which enables advanced chipsets from leading manufacturers to create a “true-to-life” picture across a wider range of displays.

The HDR10+ license program includes key parameters:

  • The display performance certification qualifies requirements on the display mode, peak luminance level, peak luminance stability, transfer function and white point tracking performance and color gamut coverage.
  • The metadata processing certification qualifies carriage and accuracy of metadata over interfaces. The display management performance certification qualifies tone-mapping based on HDR10+ Metadata such as shadow preservation.
  • The Ultra HD Blu-ray player certification qualifies the processing and accuracy of HDR10+ Metadata carriage over the HDMI interface.

“A standardised licensing process has allowed partners, including content creators, television and device manufacturers, to easily incorporate HDR10+ technology,” said Danny Kaye, executive vice president of 20th Century Fox and managing director of the Fox Innovation Lab. “We’re encouraged by the interest of early adopters and an expanded HDR10+ ecosystem that will improve the viewing experiences for all audiences.”