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Simulated reality, 8K and privacy discussion kick off CES 2020

Samsung announces "artificial human" project, new line of 8K TVs

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has previewed a series of innovations in Las Vegas.

Dimenco launched its 32” 8K simulated reality (SR) Devkit, a spatial desktop machine that displays full dimensions and critical details of 3D models without the need of a headset.

The display allows developers to seamlessly create SR applications using Unreal engine and the specially developed Unity Editor.

Maarten Tobias, CEO of Dimenco, said: “While the market for immersive content is growing around the world, wearable headsets, glasses and controllers needed for virtual and augmented reality don’t provide the optimal and most natural experience which is hindering growth and adoption.

“We are dedicated to creating the interactive platform of the future – our vision is simulated reality. Realism, social interactivity, immersion and AI can all be achieved through SR experiences, and we are enabling developers to start creating for SR now with our devkit.” Find out more.

Samsung is also expected to unveil its futuristic “artificial human” project, aimed at digitally creating lifelike avatars that can autonomously generate expressions, movements and dialogue completely different from the original captured data. Read more on CNBC.

The company also revealed a new range of 8K TVs, powered by a Quantum Processor with Tizen that uses deep-learning AI upscaling technology to bring non-8K content up to a near-8K level.

The line also includes a “Digital Butler” to help control any of the home’s connected WiFi devices, phone multi-view to enable phone screen display on the TV screen, and built-in Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Read the full story on T3.

Samsung also addressed the issue of data privacy, introducing a privacy app that lets users see what information the smart TV has collected based on viewing habits. Read more on TechRadar.

ViacomCBS is partnering with electric car start-up Byton to test video content for its 48-inch wraparound digital dashboard screen in its upcoming electric M-Byte SUV, reports TechCrunch.

Byton said the content from ViacomCBS is meant to watched while the vehicle is stationary, when users can hit “cinema mode” to view.