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Samsung sets out 6G vision

Company predicts mass commercialisation of 6G around 2030

Samsung has published a white paper outlining its vision for 6G technology.

The white paper covers various aspects related to 6G, including technical and societal megatrends, new services, requirements, candidate technologies and an expected timeline of standardisation.

Samsung said it expects the completion of the 6G standard and its earliest commercialisation date could be as early as 2028, while its likely to roll out to the masses around 2030.

Both humans and machines will be the main users of 6G, said the white paper, and 6G will be “characterised by provision of advanced services such as truly immersive extended reality (XR), high-fidelity mobile hologram and digital replica.”

Samsung added that it has identified three categories of requirements that have to be met to realise 6G services: performance, architectural and trustworthiness.

6G performance requirements are a peak data rate of 1,000 Gbps (gigabits per second) and air latency less than 100 microseconds (μs), 50 times the peak data rate and one-tenth the latency of 5G.

The white paper states that 6G needs to resolve issues arising from the limited computation capability of mobile devices as well as implementing AI right from the initial phase of technology development and enabling the flexible integration of new network entities. The trustworthiness requirement addresses the security and privacy issues arising from the widespread use of user data and AI technologies.

The white paper can be found here.