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Reuters updates TV service

News provider Reuters has released the latest version of its connected TV service, Reuters TV. Version 2.0 introduces ‘featured programs’ - thematic programmess curated and


HBO Now only on Apple

Following rumours last week about pricing, availability and partnerships, HBO yesterday officially confirmed the launch of its new streaming service, HBO Now, at Apple’s Spring Forward event.


thePlatform unveils mpx Replay

thePlatform, video publishing company and independent subsidiary of Comcast, has introduced mpx Replay, a new service offered as part of thePlatform’s mpx video publishing system, designed to expedite the conversion of linear TV channels for catch-up or C3/C7 video.


Television evolves into the many

Disruption is part and parcel of the television industry, and today’s disrupters are the Hulus, Amazons and Googles of the world, offering over-the-top (OTT) services to devices of all types. They are making the viewing experience more accessible to consumers while at the same time challenging the dominance of traditional television providers for that audience.