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New iPhone to include ProRes video recording

New phones expected to include ProRes video recording in either HD or 4K resolutions

The latest version of the iPhone is expected to include both ProRes video recording and a modified portrait mode.

According to Bloomberg, the updated portrait mode will enable users to record video with the same bokeh, lighting, and background effects as the current still image version.

The phone, which is expected to be announced in September, will include ProRes video recording to that will allow users to capture higher-quality footage, which could lead to the iPhone becoming more involved in filming film and TV productions.

The report suggests ProRes will record in either HD and 4K resolutions on the next iPhones.

In 2020 Apple won an Engineering Emmy Award for its Apple ProRes video codec, which preserves image quality with a high level of detail but with lower storage rates and faster encoding and decoding. Apple ProRes was introduced in 2007 with Final Cut and is now a standard in the film industry.

The phones are also expected to include new screen technology and A15 chip processing chip.