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Apple’s rumoured AR/VR headset could include 8K displays, 12 cameras

However, it's expected to retail for around $3,000

Rumours Apple is working on an AR/VR headset have been around for a while, TVBEurope first reported on the idea back in 2019. It’s thought the headset could arrive as early as next year.

New details about the headset have been revealed, with The Information reporting the device will offer both VR and mixed reality applications, with over a dozen cameras and LIDAR sensors. It is also said to feature dual 8K displays with eye-tracking technology.

Apparently, the headset will include eye-tracking technology to determine where users are looking and then render peripheral areas in lower resolution to improve performance.

Apple is said to be experimenting with a variety of different controllers, including hand-tracking, eye-tracking, a dial on the side of the headset and a “thimble-like” accessory.

The headset won’t come cheap though, according to the report it’s expected to retail at around $3,000.