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Analyst: Apple wants to replace iPhones with AR headset within ten years

Leading Apple analysts suggests audiences will be streaming content to their headsets within the next decade

Audiences could be streaming content to their AR glasses instead of mobile phones within the next decade according to one analyst.

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has released a report suggesting the tech giant is set to launch its first AR headset with a pair of processors to support its high-end capabilities.

According to MacRumours, the headset will a higher-end main processor which is believed to be similar Apple’s M1 chip Apple, while a lower-end processor will manage the sensor-related aspects of the device.

Kuo says the headset will work independently, without the need to be tethered to either a Mac or iPhone, and Apple is looking for it to replace the iPhone “within the next ten years”.

The report adds that the headset will include two 4K Micro OLED displays from Sony, enabling it to support virtual reality experiences.

Rumours of a possible Apple AR headset have swirled for years, with suggestions it could include anything from 8K displays with 12 cameras, to micro OLED displays.