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Kaltura drives has chosen Kaltura to power video on the site. is leveraging the Kaltura HTML5 video player and mobile advertising tools to reach its audience on any device.


nangu.TV celebrates major milestone

nangu.TV has announced a major milestone in its ten-year history. The company has revealed that more than 450,000 paid subscribers using active devices are now connected to its media platform, which enables the delivery of TV and video content, including value-add services, via third-party operators.


TV and convergence – does satellite have a future?

More service providers than ever are now entering the broadcast space and the technology landscape for content distribution can be highly confusing. David Crawford, MD, satellite for Arqiva, asks what this means for the future of satellite TV in a hybrid connected world, and can satellite keep up with these OTT services and IP-delivered content?


The next-generation TV user experience

Today’s television viewers are no longer sitting back, waiting for content. Rather, they’re watching a variety of content, including live channels, VoD, and online videos on the big screen while simultaneously browsing the internet and enaging with others through social media like Facebook or Twitter.


The TV social media uprising

Social media provides a powerful platform for content creators and advertising agencies to get closer to their audiences, writes Keith Bedford, managing director at EBS