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Next generation broadcasting requires hybrid cloud platforms

How broadcast original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are leveraging Hewlett Packard Enterprise OEM technologies to transform experiences for digital audiences

The increasing demand for content providers to offer high-quality content catered to individual interests and that can be streamed from multiple devices at any time and place, is putting pressure on broadcast OEMs to innovate. Broadcast OEMs need to adapt rapidly to help content providers meet the emerging needs of their audiences.

OEMs that are acclimatising to the new digital environment are replacing legacy hardware platforms with flexible, scalable, ultra-secure hybrid cloud solutions. This shift is enabling the creation, storage and distribution of large quantities of content in even higher definition formats.

A customisable content delivery model

Starfish Technologies is a UK-based TV technology pioneer helping content providers worldwide with their digital transformation. Its range of turnkey, integrated video solutions includes video transcoding, multi-platform delivery, splicing, transport stream processing, compliance recording and more.

The company expanded beyond its initial software-only offering by working with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) OEM to deliver systems solutions consolidated on HPE OEM servers, which can be configured to address the unique needs of each customer.

Graham Neden-Watts, Starfish’s managing director, explains: “In the past, customers would use our solutions on under-scoped servers. Now, as part of the HPE OEM Program, we’re delivering our software on high-quality servers optimised for each deployment. We’re a relatively small company but working with HPE OEM means we’re trusted across the world.”

This partnership has yielded substantial rewards for Starfish – the shift to an appliance-based delivery model has reduced its operating costs, increased revenues, and enabled the more effective servicing of its global customer base.

Personalised streaming

Nokia is another example of a technology provider innovating with HPE OEM – this time, to deliver better streaming video experiences to consumers. By leveraging HPE OEM servers, Nokia is able to distribute more compute resources to the edge to create customised user experiences that can change in real-time. Streaming digital content can now be a broadcast-quality experience – without the frustrating latency issues.

Content providers also stand to benefit from this solution, which combines the control of on-premise with limitless cloud dynamism and scalability – all delivered via a flexible and cost-effective OpEx funding framework.

Paul Larbey, the Video Business Division leader at Nokia, said: “Innovation is a team sport. By Nokia and HPE OEM working closely together, we can innovate at a much faster pace than ever before.”

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