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Clearleap lanuches Live TV solution

Clearleap has announced its Sports and Live TV Solution, designed to support multiscreen sports.

Clearleap has announced its Sports and Live TV Solution, designed to support multiscreen sports. The solution currently supports multiscreen initiatives of major sports leagues, and aims to bring fans access to live-streamed games, sports programming, near real-time highlights and clips, personalised playlists and other products developed for the growing sports streaming landscape.

The news comes as the global sports industry saw a record-breaking year for sports streaming in 2014, with the FIFA World Cup in Brazil drawing the most amount of data ever streamed for a live event and demand for digital content from the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics exceeding television broadcast for the first time.

Clearleap’s cloud-based platform implements real-time content transformation and distribution across mobile platforms at the top speeds required to support premium sports content, the company claims. The Sports and Live TV Solution enables broadcast quality viewing of live games and 24/7 networks, supported by a Network Operations Center (NOC) with capabilities to provide up to 99.999 per cent uptime. This reliability standard leverages a set of monitoring tools, automated quality control technology and the ability to build-out and monitor full redundant systems.

“Sports is one of the biggest contributors to live event television, and with the global sports market set to be worth $145 billion by 2015, the game is changing for television,” said Braxton Jarratt, CEO of Clearleap. “Clearleap’s flexible and scalable platform is well-equipped to enable our clients to meet this growing demand through new streaming and real-time on-demand services, ensuring companies are able to expand consumer reach and increase the value of their content while winning viewers.”

Clearleap also manages a dedicated web-based dashboard for further monitoring and real-time analytics of valuable sports coverage. Through this dashboard, customers have visibility into the status of content within the workflow and are able to receive automated reports for post-game video logistics analysis and review.