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BBC iPlayer law change takes effect

The iPlayer ‘loophole’ saga has drawn to a close after new law changes were implemented today. The amendment means that users of the BBC iPlayer platform must be covered by


BBC denies iPlayer van plans

The BBC has moved to deny claims that it will use Wi-Fi detection vans to ‘sniff out’ those using BBC iPlayer without a TV licence. The claims, led by the Telegraph


BBC releases iPlayer Kids app

BBC has launched a separate iPlayer app specifically for children. The app, available via iOS, Android and Kindle Fire, has been designed to be child-friendly and easy to use


BBC to close iPlayer ‘loophole’

The BBC is set to close the iPlayer ‘loophole’ sooner rather than later after culture secretary John Whittingdale branded free viewing “wrong”. As it stands, iPlayer


Slashing the cost of content delivery

It turns out that there are quite a few things you can do with a media processing platform and one of them is to slash the cost of distributing video over the internet