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BBC iPlayer debuts pared-back interface

Update also includes significant changes to subtitles, including the ability to change the size

BBC iPlayer has been updated to offer viewers a sleeker, pared-back interface as well as customisable subtitles.

Among the changes is an updated version of the playback bar, with the play and pause buttons moved to the centre of the screen when required and and rewinding and fast-forwarding bringing up visual stills from the programme, making it easier for viewers to see when to press play again.

The UI team has also changed the position of the subtitles and settings menu in order to make it easier to turn subtitles on or off, and added the ability to change and control the size of the subtitles.

Subtitles have also been updated, moving further up the screen and including a new black background in order to make them easier to read.

The new size controls are currently only available on iPlayer’s on-demand content but launch on live channels on iPlayer in the coming weeks.