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Match debut offers QC boost

Available as a cloud-based solution or on-premise software, Match from Qligent is being unveiled at IBC2017. Match provides real-time, automated comparison of transport stream...


Analytics within the cloud

Unveiled at IBC2017, Qligent’s new delivery analytics module is intended to specifically help users better understand the end-to-end content journey. It helps gather intelligence...


OTT monitoring grows up

IBC2017 is the international debut of Vision-OTT, a new fully virtualised cloud solution from Qligent to monitor and analyse over-the-top TV services. Though Qligent...


Expanded toolset for cloud monitoring

A series of new visualisation tools for Qligent’s Vision cloud monitoring platform has been released. The company said the tools strengthen regulatory compliance, bandwidth...


Upping user-defined QoS and QoE

New tools that allow Vision cloud monitoring customers more freedom to customise QoS definitions for multi-channel TV delivery are on show. These customised definitions...