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Qligent aims to revolutionise event-based OTT monitoring

New solution enables users to turn it off and on when needed

Qligent is launching a new solution that monitors live OTT sports and event delivery without the need of a permanent server infrastructure.

The company’s Dynamic OTT Monitoring solutions offers the same QoS, QoE and compliance monitoring as its Vision system, but enables users to turn it on and off when needed.

“Our Dynamic OTT Monitoring innovation will revolutionise the live event universe through a cost-effective, Cloud solution to address sports, concerts and other performances and events,” said John Shoemaker, director of sales, Qligent. “It brings all of the premium monitoring and analysis features that our 24/7 broadcast and MVPD customers rely on worldwide, at an hourly rate. And, it entirely removes the need for on-premise infrastructure.”

The solution enables the support of live events with minimal notice, connecting the service provider’s infrastructure with a Qligent Vision system in the Cloud through a secure URL. The system provides all the same standard Vision components, including aggregation servers and networked probes for gathering performance data across the delivery chain. Measurement and compliance results and recordings are still available for the customer after the event for a defined period of time.