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Expanded toolset for cloud monitoring

A series of new visualisation tools for Qligent’s Vision cloud monitoring platform has been released. The company said the tools strengthen regulatory compliance, bandwidth optimisation and workflow management for broadcasters and MVPDs.

First introduced in 2014, Vision has now been deployed with broadcasters and MVPDs globally, and several thousand networked monitoring probes have now been deployed across six continents.

Ted Korte, COO, Qligent, said: “Our new visualisation features for Vision are based on customer requests and industry trends we see taking shape as more broadcasters transition to cloud services.”

Korte said Vision’s fully customisable dashboard was essential to monitoring success whether deploying Vision as a SaaS or via Qligent’s Oversight 24/7 managed service. New visualisation features include a regulatory tool that monitors and records how long a station has been off-air or
out of compliance. It also features bitrate monitoring and multi-dimensional dashboards for systems with thousands of monitoring points. Also included is impact analysis, a quick 1-2-3 step process that determines the overall impact a problem has on the broadcaster’s viewership.