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Minacord Media deploys PlayBox Neo, Qligent shows Foresight and more

TVBEurope rounds up the top technology stories of the day

Minacord Media has chosen PlayBox Neo Version 19 Channel-in-a-Box systems to power three new TV channels: Kazbuka, K1 and TV Doctor.

All three will be transmitted via cable and IPTV in Serbia, and on the Go4TV mobile-TV platform across Croatia, Slovenia, Austria plus the wider EU, Switzerland, Canada and the US.

The project was negotiated and completed by PlayBox Neo distribution partner PBT Adria, from initial design and cabling through to on-site integration, configuration and testing.

PBT Adria provided four complete channels with three-plus-one redundancy protection, including four PlayBox Neo-19 servers, each with AirBox Neo-19 playout automation and control, TitleBox Neo-19 graphics preparation, subtitling and text manipulation, Multi Backup Manager for monitoring and supervision, and SafeBox Neo-19 for automatic content and playlist transfer across the channels.

Minacord Media founder Zeljko Joksimovic said: “PlayBox Neo was the obvious choice for channel branding and playout as it gives us full control over the entire process from scheduling, titling and interstitials management right through to delivery.

“A key requirement was the ability to automate as much as possible while keeping our production options open to accommodate live inserts or last-minute changes in running order. Efficient expandability and easy third-party device integration were also important so that we are free to add extra channels easily at any time in the future. PlayBox Neo answers at every level.”

Qligent shows Foresight

Qligent has unveiled a second-generation, Cloud-based service that uses AI, machine learning (ML) and Big Data to mitigate content distribution issues.

Designed to help broadcasters, MVPDs and OTT service providers understand and correlate factors that contribute to higher audience engagement, the Foresight service provides real-time 24/7 data analytics based on system performance and user behaviour.

Foresight aggregates data points from end user equipment – including set-top boxes, smart TVs and iOS and Android devices – as well as CDN logs, stream monitoring data, CRMs, support ticketing systems, network monitoring systems and other hardware monitoring systems.

Using scalable Cloud processing, its integrated AI and ML provide automated data collection, while its deep learning technology mines data from hundreds or thousands of layers of data.

Big Data technology then correlates and aggregates the data for real-time, Cloud-based quality assurance, helping service providers quickly address distribution issues.

Qligent product manager Lang Cooksey said: “Foresight uses the data you already have in your plant, plus some new data that you can gather from end user devices, for predictive analysis.

“It’s vital to understand how network outages and other technical issues cause problems all the way through to the customer, for example. We’re trying to help stop silent sufferers from leaving your service, and predict and prevent customer churn.”

Telestream launches IMF producer

Telestream has launched Vantage IMF Producer for automating the creation of IMF (Interoperable Master Format) packages from Adobe Premiere Pro.

IMF is a SMPTE standard for providing a single, interchangeable master file format and structure for the distribution of content between businesses around the world.

IMF Producer automates the creation of all files required in an IMF package from a single output render of an Adobe Premiere Pro timeline.

In addition to generating the primary package, editors can create additional sequences, which become supplemental IMF packages that include different versions of audio, subtitles, edit points and Dolby Vision HDR metadata.

IMF Producer can process up to four jobs simultaneously from Premiere Pro. Using Vantage Timed Text Flip, IMF Producer also provides full support for IMSC-1 Subtitles.

Telestream director of product management Scott Matics said: “The ability to manage IMF workflows in an application like Adobe Premiere Pro is an economical and highly powerful way of managing IMF supplemental package requirements.

“Creating IMF Packages that properly conform to specifications is a complex endeavour, and by automating the task, we ensure that humans and computers focus on the skills they are best at.”