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OTT monitoring grows up

IBC2017 is the international debut of Vision-OTT, a new fully virtualised cloud solution from Qligent to monitor and analyse over-the-top TV services. Though Qligent already supports OTT service providers worldwide with its Vision platform,

Vision-OTT better serves the unique geographical and high-density requirements of a widely dispersed OTT service, said the company.

Vision-OTT leverages proven Qligent technologies, including the company’s highly scalable Virtual Probes; and introduces new efficiencies – notably Amazon Web Services – to deploy, host and manage Qligent Virtual Probes from anywhere in the world.

Vision-OTT also integrates a remote multiviewer for signal processing and monitoring; and all-in-one compliance recording, which eliminates the need for an external compliance component or service.

Qligent’s Virtual Probes can analyse IP-based streams from anywhere in the field, and present that data on a centralised Vision dashboard in the cloud.

The Vision-OTT architecture includes an aggregated server that communicates with, and collects all field data from, each probe or edge device. Merged with Amazon Web Services, the comprehensive Vision-OTT platform provides impressive reach and penetration, said the company.

Qligent claimed, because Amazon Web Services is globally available, that

Vision-OTT is an ideal solution for special one-time events, such as a sporting event or political debate. Vision-OTT is designed as a SaaS with a pay-as-you-go model, whether deployed for single events or as a continuous monitoring platform,