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Match debut offers QC boost

Available as a cloud-based solution or on-premise software, Match from Qligent is being unveiled at IBC2017. Match provides real-time, automated comparison of transport stream video and audio to spot and flag programme-related errors as the signals move across multi-platform distribution platforms. The evolution of Qligent Vision now encompasses objective errors (QoS), subjective errors (QoE), and programmatic errors (Match), said the company.

Ted Korte, COO, Qligent, said: “At various points in the distribution chain, Match can decode the transport stream back to baseband video and audio, and compare that version with reference data it captured of the programme in its native state prior to distribution.

In analysing the content, Match looks for programmatic errors and anomalies that may have occurred due to repeated encoding, multiplexing or other processes as the signals move downstream.”

The moment Match detects an inconsistency, it triggers alarms and alerts – such as emails or texts – so that costly broadcast errors can be prevented or mitigated before they adversely impact compliance requirements
or viewers’ QoE.

Match provides a toolset to identify today’s most common media distribution errors, including: airing the wrong show, or putting a show on the wrong channel; capturing programmatic local ad splicing errors; assigning a foreign language to the wrong audio track; or mistaking a static image for frozen video.