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Upping user-defined QoS and QoE

New tools that allow Vision cloud monitoring customers more freedom to customise QoS definitions for multi-channel TV delivery are on show. These customised definitions become more powerful using Vision’s extensive data and analytics capabilities for direct correlation to overall

QoE for viewers, said the company. The latest visualisation upgrade, new for IBC2016, provides users with an extended set of widgets, key performance indicators and user-definable parameters that allow users to characterise when signal quality and other performance thresholds have been breached.

The new visualisation widgets will give users the power to define parameters around programme black, silence and freeze frames. The upgrade also delivers stronger predictive analytics in the form of rich data that alerts users to impending issues through performance trends.

In addition, Qligent is demonstrating the benefits of its remote virtual and microprobes in the greater Vision architecture for data collection – and how Qligent enables users to start small and incrementally scale probe deployment in alignment
with the monitoring network’s growth.