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UltraBright monitors for HDR

The new SmallHD 503 UltraBright is a 2200 nit, 10-bit, 5-inch 1920×1080 LCD that offers high resolution (at 443ppi it is higher than an...


Touchscreen monitor in Focus

The SmallHD Focus DSLR monitor is the company’s new entry-level model and its first touchscreen unit. The low cost (£435+VAT), lightweight on-camera 5-inch 1280×720...


More power for HD monitors

An array of power accessories have been released for SmallHD’s 500 Series (5-inch) and 700 Series (7-inch) HD field monitors. Besides running 700 Series...


Sidefinder combines monitor and EVF

Sidefinder, a combination of HD electronic viewfinder and 5-inch fold out 1080p monitor, has recently started shipping. Wes Phillips, co-founder, SmallHD, said, “The industry...