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Small monitor – high dynamic range

The 13-inch 1303 HDR is the latest in SmallHD’s new high dynamic range monitor family, boasting a bright 1500+ nit display suitable for both studio and outdoor use. It is particularly suitable for directors, DoPs and camera assistants.

The 1303 HDR builds on the HDR technology that SmallHD developed for its recently introduced 17-inch, 24-inch and 32-inch monitors, displaying 1920×1080 images on 10-bit IPS LCD panels, with a four-up signal view. The HDR render is customisable to various camera gamma settings.

It supports a 32-point 3D LUT workflow using SmallHD’s ColorFlow technology, so that previously created look-up tables can be used on set. LUTS can be applied via the full-size SDI jack on the monitor, and can also be pushed downstream to other monitors. LUTs altered on-set with third-party software, such as LiveGrade, can be uploaded to an SD card for use in post.

It has HDMI and SDI inputs and can output to either format, with a single frame cross conversion time.

Its RapidRail system allows quick mounting of accessories like wireless receivers or focus systems, and it can be battery powered for complete wireless use.