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UltraBright monitors for HDR

The new SmallHD 503 UltraBright is a 2200 nit, 10-bit, 5-inch 1920×1080 LCD that offers high resolution (at 443ppi it is higher than an iPhone).

“It’s one of the brightest [monitors] on the market at the moment,” claimed Richard Payne, head of technology at distributor Holdan.

Unlike SmallHD’s other 5-inch screens it offers a couple of function buttons for ease of use. The 7-inch 703 UltraBright, at 2300 nits, is even brighter, and has five function buttons, allowing a little more flexibility.

Both models have an HDR Preview mode.

Both devices offer SDI and HDMI in and out (with cross conversion), plus a range of features, from waveform and vectorscope to a choice of 3D LUTs for Raw or Log shooting.

“The combination of the extra brightness of the screen, plus the look-up tables means they are very good for HDR,” said Payne.