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Sidefinder combines monitor and EVF

Sidefinder, a combination of HD electronic viewfinder and 5-inch fold out 1080p monitor, has recently started shipping.

Wes Phillips, co-founder, SmallHD, said, “The industry response […] has been overwhelming. As a bonus, the Sidefinder is even more feature-rich than we showed at NAB due to a recent firmware upgrade.”

It is claimed to be both ‘the highest resolution EVF and highest resolution on-camera monitor on the market’, with either SmallHD’s 501 (HDMI) or 502 (SDI and HDMI) field monitor united with a specialised EVF loupe. Its screen provides more than double the viewing area of current combo systems, while its patent-pending folding design gives it a small form factor.

The Sidefinder ships with a bracket that accommodates the four most popular EVF mounting standards: ¼-20 threads, a quick release for 15mm rods, NATO rail, and Arri rosette.

All of its software (focus and exposure-assist tools, audio meters, 3D LUTs, Image Overlay, Anamorphic De-squeeze, and so on) is activated via joystick. To improve ergonomics, the wireless joystick remote can be positioned on a tripod handle or any convenient spot.

“A lot of thought went into the decision to shy away from touchscreen control,” explained Phillips. “Providing a tiny remote that can be mounted at your fingertips was a huge reason. Now shooters can have full control of the monitor and swipe instantly to any feature without compromising a stable shooting position by taking their hand off the camera. And unlike touchscreen control, operators are not forced to put fingerprints all over their display.”