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RTL Croatia goes HD, Downing Street gets a fibre upgrade and more

TVBEurope wraps up today's tech stories

RTL Croatia has chosen Riedel Communications’ MediorNet real-time network and Artist digital matrix intercom for its HD studio upgrade.

Working with Riedel’s local distributor and consultant, AVC Zagreb, RTL Croatia completed the four-year project to upgrade its production facilities to deliver its eight channels in HD.

The Riedel solutions form the backbone of RTL’s news and master control rooms, including a large video wall with more than 100 picture-in-picture (PiP) displays.

For playout, the Riedel solution consists of a MetroN core router and 14 MicroN high-density media distribution network devices, six of which are configured using the MicroN MultiViewer App.

The production routing solution includes two MetroN core routers and 22 MicroNs, with six configured using the MultiViewer App. Production is supported by 29 SmartPanel app-driven user interfaces.

For intercom functions, an Artist-1024 high-density digital matrix mainframe delivers AES67-compliant communications, with intercom capabilities supported by an additional 23 SmartPanels.

RTL Croatia CTO Zoran Jankovic said: “We needed a signal routing solution that could meet our rather complex requirements — namely, decentralisation, a high degree of flexibility, and the ability to transport and route signals over fibre.

“We could see right away that MediorNet would not only meet, but exceed, those requirements. Plus, MediorNet and Artist were incredibly fast and easy to install.”

A Downing Street upgrade

ATG Danmon has announced the upgrade of OB link facilities in the City of Westminster, central London, for “one of Europe’s leading television news providers.”

The interface portals at Abingdon Green and Downing Street are used by TV and radio reporters for political coverage. The project involved modernising the cabling, fibre and connectivity at each portal.

ATG Danmon MD Russell Peirson-Hagger said: “Both portals are equipped to handle 1920 x 1080p50 Full-HD HD-SDI and IP. They also include high-quality multi-channel analogue audio in/outs, genlock reference, IP data, a video return feed, audio talkback and electrical power. Everything is housed in highly robust and fully weatherproof steel cases which are kept locked until actually needed.”

Velocix’s 5G fix

Velocix has launched mobile-optimised content delivery network (CDN) software geared towards scaling out 5G video applications.

The company said the multi-tier CDN delivery and inter-cache communications technology can reduce traffic demands over mobile backhaul networks by up to 30 per cent.

The software is also compatible with multi-access edge computing (MEC) systems, allowing caches to be deployed at the periphery of 5G radio access networks (RANs).

Velocix chief product and marketing officer Jim Brickmeier said: “5G video viewership is expected to surge 100-fold over the next few years, placing unprecedented scaling demands on wireless network operators.

“Our mobile-optimised CDN technology more efficiently routes and delivers video traffic over IP and wireless networks. This results in less network congestion, improved video quality, and a reduced need for costly infrastructure upgrades to support the rising tide of 5G viewing devices.”