Dejero Control adds metadata and workflow automation

New features also include expanded device sharing
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Dejero has announced it has added a number of new features to its cloud-based management system, Dejero Control.

They include automated and customisable metadata, expanded device sharing, and workflow automation.

The new automated and customisable recorded clip metadata feature leverages the integrated cloud workflow, allowing in the field or back at the control room to edit and add metadata to clips via the Dejero Control interface.

The system also offers an expanded device sharing capability that allows broadcasters to temporarily route a feed from a field transmitter to a partner station or broadcaster, adding flexibility to how stations integrate with other stations or freelancers in the field.

“As a leading innovator in embracing and leveraging the cloud for broadcasters, we are continually working to bring our customers more ways to automate and simplify their workflows. Dejero’s flexible and customer-centric approach delivers innovative, effective solutions that we will build on for our future cloud-based offerings," said Dejero's CTO, Todd Schneider.