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Get ready for 5G

Yvonne Monterroso, director product management, Dejero, reveals how 5G helped the company transmit a life-sized 3D hologram


Core update streamlines workflows

An update to the Dejero Core software shared by all of its transmitters and receivers now offers streamlined broadcast clip and asset management workflows....


Cellular + satellite = CellSat

The combination of cellular connectivity from multiple mobile network carriers with Ku-band IP uplinks provided by Intelsat, forms the basis of Dejero’s new CellSat...


Gateway to new mobile connectivity

Improvements to connectivity for sending video back over IP or bonded networks, particularly when on the move or having to cope with low-bitrate connections,...


Greater control for going Live+

The Live+ Control management system has been updated to enhance monitoring, station administration and reporting capabilities, displaying real-time analytics of network connection performance and...


Pickup EnGo for SIMple cellular roaming

The latest version of Dejero’s compact Live+ EnGo mobile transmitter offers simplified connectivity options and updated roaming packages. It encodes IP video and bonds...


Dejero joins TVBEurope 2020

TVBEurope is delighted to confirm Dejero Labs as Lanyard Partner for the annual TVBEurope 2020 conference this month. The one-day strategy summit, which will...


Pick EnGo for wireless transmission

Live+ EnGo is a compact camera-mounted or wearable transmitter that encodes H.264 video and transmits it over multiple IP networks, to deliver high quality...