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Broadcast Solutions aims to revolutionise wireless video transmitters

meshLINK provides state-of-the-art video encoding, full-duplex IP and Mesh networking

Broadcast Solutions is debuting a new super-low latency, 4K, 100 Mbit maximum data throughput and 1 to 4 HD encoding channels wireless video transmitter.

According to the company, meshLINK takes high-quality wireless video transmission to the next level in providing state-of-the-art video encoding, full-duplex IP and Mesh networking.

The system is a “true duplex IP-based wireless system allowing a wide range of functions during live broadcasts, live production, news gathering or event coverage”, like RCP and telemetry integration. It can also integrate intercom, return video, prompter and other functions.

The transmitter can be used as Tx/Rx wireless point-to-point product while also allowing bidirectional IP traffic and complete monitoring of the link, said Broadcast Solutions.

“Adding more radios (dubbed as nodes) to the system creates a Mesh network, while placing nodes “on the fly” allows ad hoc transmissions from virtually any position,” the company added.

Signal routing is automatically and dynamically selected for optimal performance to deliver the best quality, while data can be entered and retrieved at every node in the network.