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Half price HD as 4K storms ahead

Atomos has halved the prices of its HD recorders, with its Ninja 2 now starting at €/$295 or £209, while both its Ninja Blade and Samurai Blade are €/$495 (£349), down from €995.

“People are wondering if they should keep their HD cameras, but this effectively extends their life. They can still use them if they record at higher quality,” said Atomos CEO Jeromy Young.

“We’ve got our return on investment as a company and they still sell well, and hopefully users will buy a 4K model later.”

Atomos, which is moving more into mainstream broadcast at IBC with the new Shogun Studio, has already sold 30,000 of its Shogun 4K systems in the first seven months, “about three times what we thought,” said Young.

Now the camera makers are beginning to work with it before new cameras are released. Atomos developed its latest Ninja Assassin alongside Sony’s development of its new FS5 and A7S Mark II cameras, “which shows we are beginning to become a bit of a standard in the industry,” added Young. It means the recorder can take advantage of the cameras’ S Log, timecode, start/stop trigger and other features, because Atomos was involved so early in the development.

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