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Sky Q launches in the UK

Sky Q has been released in the UK and Ireland

Sky Q has been officially released in the UK and Ireland.

Sky Q is capable of recording three shows simultaneously, whilst also watching a fourth channel. With an upgrade, it is possible to record four channels, and watch a fifth.

The service, which was announced in November last year, also includes a new touchpad-equipped remote control, the ability to download content for offline viewing, and the option of streaming Sky TV to other rooms in the house.

It also features a new home screen interface and Netflix-style recommendations system.

The box supports 4K, and, despite announcing several new content deals in the build-up to the launch, Sky is not currently offering any 4K content.

The release brings a range of new hardware devices to the market, the pinnacle of which is the Sky Q Silver set-top box. It is designed for the living room and essentially replaces the current Sky+ HD box. A cheaper, secondary option, simply named Sky Q, is equipped with a smaller hard drive and does not support 4K.

Extra devices include the Sky Q Mini box, designed to extend the Sky Q experience into other rooms, as well as the Sky Q Hub internet router, which supports Sky Q apps for mobile devices.