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Synamedia launches workflow optimisation tools

Includes virtualised Digital Content Manager (DCM) with Smart Rate Control

Synamedia has announced a range of new additions to its video network (formerly video processing) portfolio to optimise workflows and enhance streaming efficiency.

The company cited a real-world use case with a latency from content ingest to display on the OTT device of just 6 seconds, which is equivalent to broadcast latency.

This is made possible by incorporating Common Media Application Format (CMAF) to enable bandwidth-efficient delivery across the whole technology infrastructure to ABR-aware client devices including a low-latency DASH device.

Synamedia also unveiled its virtualised Digital Content Manager (DCM) with Smart Rate Control, a solution that uses machine learning to optimise quality levels across the entire footprint to deliver a cost-effective live OTT viewing experience.

“We understand the challenges pay-TV and D2C providers face as they look to grow their business in a rapidly changing, competitive market, and are continually innovating and fine-tuning our end-to-end video network technologies to give customers that extra competitive edge,” said Julien Signes, senior vice president at Synamedia. “Helping customers to boost workflow efficiencies, cut costs and transform their services on prem, in the Cloud or in a hybrid model is in our DNA.”