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Smart FM transmitters

Selected transmitters from Nautel’s three current FM transmitter lines are on show. The digital/analogue GV Series includes Nautel’s Advanced User Interface (AUI) presented on...


Monitoring shipping news

The big news on the Nautel stand is that the company has now shipped more than 7500 FM and MW transmitters equipped with its...


DRM delivers in Hall 8

Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) is hosting a series of events in Hall 8 over the weekend where participants are being updated on global DRM...


DRM experience on stand

All India Radio has added to its massive digital radio deployment with four 100kW and two 200kW Nautel NX transmitters. The system, the largest...


Mid-power AM options

Two new models in the NX Series of AM transmitters are on show. The NX5 and NX10 operate at 5 and 10 kW of...