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Monitoring shipping news

The big news on the Nautel stand is that the company has now shipped more than 7500 FM and MW transmitters equipped with its advanced monitoring and control capabilities. All major broadcast transmitters introduced by the company since 2008 have incorporated the company’s Advanced User Interface (AUI).

Recent updates to the AUI include the addition of an oscilloscope view which monitors audio source signals in the time domain, and site control functions for management of items external to the transmitter, such as doors or generators.

The AUI is designed to help engineers proactively manage transmitter monitoring and service. A transmitter’s AUI is accessible from any location with an internet connection, and is also available via a 17-inch front panel touchscreen on some models.

AUI takes advantage of the information available through the design of Nautel’s modern transmitters.

Metering can be configured down to the level of every amplifier in the transmitter, and AUI displays include real-time impedance measurement, instrument grade spectrum and audio analysers, and IBOC/DRM modulation analysers.