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Smart FM transmitters

Selected transmitters from Nautel’s three current FM transmitter lines are on show. The digital/analogue GV Series includes Nautel’s Advanced User Interface (AUI) presented on a front panel 17-inch touchscreen.

The AUI incorporates commercial-grade instrumentation with RF and audio spectrum analysers, comprehensive monitoring and control, extensive logging of all events, SNMP support, and enhanced support services.

The AUI can also be accessed remotely via an internet connection. Also available in the GV Series is optional on-board Orban audio processing, Livewire and streaming input options, and other operational features.

The NVLT Series includes full AUI access via a local PC or via the internet. As with the GV Series, the NVLT Series includes an integral exciter with direct-to-channel digital modulation, hot-swappable power modules and flexible power configuration. The NVLT Series also offers a suite of operational features for high flexibility in audio input and management.

The low power FM VS Series offers an integrated digital exciter, Nautel’s AUI (via web), front panel LCD control, IP audio I/O, streaming input options, available on-board Orban audio processing, SCA coder, automatic fail-safe switchover of audio sources and local/distributed automation options.