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Mid-power AM options

Two new models in the NX Series of AM transmitters are on show. The NX5 and NX10 operate at 5 and 10 kW of analogue power, respectively. Nautel said these two transmitters offer high efficiency (86% AC to RF) and a large suite of operational features for mid-power AM operations.

The NX5 and NX10 offer AM precorrection with excellent linearity, claimed Nautel. Other features include 1.8 MHz direct digital modulation, an RF spectrum analyser which displays spectral performance, and Smith chart displays which show complex antenna impedance under normal modulation in real time. The transmitters also feature Modulation Dependent Carrier Level (MDCL) control technology, which provides up to 30% additional power savings – five algorithms are selectable. Analogue and DRM models are available, along with HD Radio versions for the Americas.

Nautel’s signature Advanced User Interface (AUI) is standard in the NX5 and NX10 and is locally or remotely accessible via a web browser. The AUI’s functionality includes built-in commercial grade instrumentation, full remote access, SNMP support, instrument-grade spectrum and network analysers. It also offers realtime MER (Modulation Error Ratio) measurement, comprehensive monitoring and control including event logging, email and SMS notifications, backup audio via streaming and USB playout, presets and enhanced support services, including Nautel Phone Home.