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Beyond HD

Production & Post

4K lens line up

Several new lenses suitable for 4K and Ultra HD production will be introduced at IBC from Fujinon, Zeiss and IBE Optics, while MTF is to release the first lens adaptors for the upcoming AJA Cion camera.

Production & Post

Photo-realistic CG humans a decade away

Over the last decade, we have seen the subtle but important evolution from simple body motion capture, such as stunt doubles, to full performance capture but we are still a long way from having believable entirely computer-generated movie stars.


Semantic TV comes home

In the LinkedTV project, researchers are connecting TV content with the internet, so audiences can benefit from an more informative and personalised viewing experience.


TV and the internet of things

The future TV landscape, and in particular Ultra HD on large screens of 55-85 inches or more, is opening up a wealth of opportunities for user interface and applications development, as operators rethink the user experience.


World Cup transmitted in 4K HEVC

The World Cup Final was transmitted to cinemagoers in London in Ultra HD using the High Efficiency Video Coding compression format, the third match from Brazil 2014 to be shot in 4K.


NASA picks Edius 7 to edit Our Restless Planet in 3D

Our Restless Planet, a new film about the effects of hurricanes, earthquakes and fresh water supplies on earth, has been edited in 3D for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory Earth Science Visitor Centre using Grass Valley’s latest Edius 7 non-linear editor.

Production & Post

Single camera and single pixel 3D research

At last week’s Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition in London, the Creative Cameras teams from Edinburgh’s Heriot-Watt University and the University of Glasgow showed two new methods of achieving 3D imaging using just a single camera, or even just a single pixel.


HEVC now ready for smartphones

Barcelona-based Cinemartin has created what is claimed to be the first app for Android smartphones that allows them to play H.265-compressed videos, including a version that goes beyond 4K.


Will your Ultra HD TV be good enough?

Ultra HD sets could make up nearly half of all global TV set sales in four years time, but will they all be technologically obsolete by being incapable of displaying the full range of dark and light images?

Production & Post

Sony, FIFA plan 4K World Cup replay

Sony and FIFA have broadened their 4K commitment at the World Cup to three matches in order to create an official 4K film of the tournament and presumably at the request of rights holders keen to expand tests runs of Ultra HD coverage.