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Canon launches new lens category, UHDgc

Includes three new 4K models

Canon has announced the release of a medium, telephoto field box lens, the UJ66x9B, and three ENG/EFP broadcast lenses – the CJ24ex7.5B, CJ18ex7.6B and CJ14ex4.3B.

The three new broadcast models have been launched under a completely new lens category, dubbed UHDgc, while the UJ66 lens has been added to the company’s Digisuper range.

The CJ24ex7.5B, CJ18ex7.6B and CJ14ex4.3B deliver 4K resolution while special coatings and internal lens barrels, designed to prevent reflection and reduce ghosting and flaring, allow the operator to capture high-tonality images. Canon has employed an optimised arrangement of fluorite and UD glass, which means chromatic aberration is reduced, and the lenses provide greater clarity, according to the company.

The UJ66x9B achieves a high 66x magnification with a focal range of 9mm to 1200mm. A new floating inner focus system offers further improvements in resolution, delivering 4K broadcast quality.

This new lens also offers improved focus operability and provides a stable servo performance (0.6 second high-speed zoom) from wide angle to telephoto. With the UJ66x9B’s built-in Image Stabilisation (IS), servo technologies are employed in the lens to guarantee 4K performance, during imbalanced shooting environments, even when panning.