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ATOMOS updates NINJA V/V+ remote control app

Aims to enhance compliance around Covid safety protocols

ATOMOS has announced an update to the AtomRemote App, for iOS and macOS, for the NINJA V and NINJA V+ remote control.

A firmware update has also been released, incorporating a new feature to manage fan speed on the NINJA V/V+.

The update works with the AtomX SYNC expansion module to provide remote control features for the NINJA V/V+. It can be used to set LUTs and activate onscreen tools, including focus peaking, as well as operate recording and playback functions.

ATOMOS said the ability to control the NINJA V/V+ remotely will help with awkward camera positions, alongside accessibility and compliance around Covid safety protocols.

The addition of the AtomX SYNC module to the NINJA V/V+ enables any device running iOS 12 or later, or Mac running macOS Catalina (10.15) or later, can connect via Bluetooth LE directly via the AtomRemote app.

The SYNC module contains its own battery, which can be used to power the NINJA V/V+ for approximately 5 minutes, allowing operators to swap the main battery without powering down the device.

ATOMOS added that the update includes manual controls for the small fan that keeps the NINJA V/V+ at a safe operating temperature. With several adaptive settings, the fan can be set to a low speed when the device is recording. Screen brightness can also be set to dip to extend record times. Turbo fan mode can be activated between takes to enable rapid cooling of the system.