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Atomos Connects HDMI to USB, GB Labs aims to Unify on-prem and Cloud, and more

TVBEurope rounds-up the latest products and solutions news from Atomos, GB Labs and Telestream

Atomos has unveiled Connect, which it describes as an affordable bridge between professional 4K video capture and high frame rate UVC streaming over USB (up to 1080p60).

Connect bridges the Atomos world of professional recording and monitoring with popular streaming platforms such as YouTube, Twitch and OBS.

It is also aimed at gamers, vloggers and education facilities who want to use the professional Atomos monitor-recorder ecosystem for streaming.

GB Labs unveils remote production hub Unify

GB Labs has launched Unify Hub, a platform combining on-premise and Cloud content, and aiming to empower remote production while maintaining data integrity and security.

The Hub enables users to align the local user permissions with Cloud accounts to facilitate single sign-in and simplify the secure access of cloud accounts on-premise; leverage GB Labs technology to speed up the user experience; and connect on-premise workspaces to Cloud services or remote users.

“For most of this year, collaborative production has been impacted,” said Dominic Harland, CEO and CTO at GB Labs. “Content is back to being stored in multiple locations, with all the problems of delays in moving material from place to place, the risk of creating multiple ‘master’ versions, and of course poor security.

“First and foremost, Unify Hub provides a unified approach to content and metadata,” Harland added. “Wherever your material is physically stored, the content you need appears as a single, secure and coherent source. That makes it ideal for high-efficiency collaborative and remote working.”

Telestream integrates HDR, colour processing and frame rate conversion into Vantage transcoding workflows

Telestream is making a number of enhancements to the transcoding capability of its Vantage media processing platform that are designed to enable more integration with third-party technology.

Among these new integrations is the Grass Valley HQX, which Vantage can use to transcode acquisition formats to Grass Valley HQX, as well as transcode Grass Valley HQX to delivery formats. Vantage also now works with Grass Valley Alchemist through a third-party connector to create orchestrated workflows that include their technology.

The update also provides Vantage users with access to the Colourfront Engine advanced colour volume remapping tools that use the Human Perceptual Model for multiple display mastering.

Other enhancements with this latest version of Vantage include FFV1 encoding; support for Sony’s XAVC HD and HD Intra, as well as XAVC 4K and 4K Intra; an automated interface to Harmonic Spectrum video playout servers; HDR10+; and support for AS-11, DVCPro and DVC Pro HD, AV1, Tachyon 9.

All of these capabilities, except the connector to Grass Valley Alchemist, are available in the Cloud with Vantage Cloud Port.