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HBO Max execs reveal European roll-out plans

Streamer will launch in some European territories this year

Streaming service HBO Max will launch in the Nordics and Spain this autumn, with Central and Eastern Europe and Portugal to follow next year.

Speaking at Series Mania Forum in France, executives Priya Dogra and Christina Sulebakk confirmed plans for the streamer to launch in Europe this year.

“I know there has been speculation of delays due to our massive launch in LatAm earlier but we will be launching in the Nordic region and Spain this fall and then we are going to be expanding also to Central and Eastern Europe and to Portugal next year,” said Sulebakk.

“The plan is of course to go global…but we will do that in a staggered approach. We’re looking into new market launches when appropriate when we think we have the good offer to bring consumers in market.”

In certain territories such as the UK, Germany, Italy and France, HBO currently licenses its content to local pay TV partners, such as Sky, and that is likely to continue for the foreseeable future.

“Europe is a huge priority for us,” added Dogra. “We now have the US and LatAm under our belt. We feel very good about those successes there and the growth that we’re seeing. Europe is a complicated market, but it’s an exciting one.”