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LivePanel launches

Launching at IBC is the NewTek LivePanel, a customisable browser-based control system that is now included with NewTek IP Series multicamera production systems and optionally available for TriCaster TC1.

Accessible from smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop devices – wired or wireless – NewTek LivePanel allows users to access their workflows from any web browser on the same network. Users can also preview and monitor videos of any video source within the browser.

It’s built for video content producers of all types, including live sports, news, venue signage, live events, corporate meetings and education.

“Producers who want to leverage the cutting-edge IP production workflow and horsepower of NewTek live production systems without requiring highly trained production personnel can now use NewTek LivePanel to simplify the user experience and create high-quality, consistent programming,” said Brian Olson, vice president of product management for NewTek.

LivePanel ships with panels designed to control various aspects of the workflow including switching, audio, media playback, scoreboards and macro triggering.