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Enensys: OneBeam offers combo feed

Broadcasters looking to use the same satellite capacity to deliver services for both DTH (DVB-S/S2) and DTT (DVB-T or T2) are the target audience for Enensys’ OneBeam.

Encompassing multiple technology solutions from the company, OneBeam provides a single feed with no modification of the A/V stream. Indeed, it provides an alternative to using two separate networks, something that may not be possible when receivers for one may not use signals from the other.

Related products at IBC include the brand new T2Edge DTH. Sitting at the transmitter end of the content distribution network, T2Edge DTH improves capacity, provides new input and output capability (including DVB-S2) and has a more compact footprint.

T2Edge includes the company’s’ Regional Early Warning System as an option.