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Meet the… head of production

Swixer's Helen Spokojny explains why working in the media industry means working with people who all have different skills and strengths, and the joy of seeing projects come to life

Helen Spokohny, head of production, Swixer
Talk us through an average day in your role

The first thing is roughly planning the day – I check which meetings are on the schedule and go through my to-dos. Then I communicate with the team about ongoing projects and where I can offer support.

This can look like talking through tasks or issues, problem-solving, supporting with administrative tasks or just being a sympathetic ear or fresh eye. I make sure the ongoing projects are running smoothly, and I’m also responsible for delegating new projects.

I regularly devote time to improving our processes or work on business development and marketing with our CEO Fatima.

How did you get started in the media industry?

Right after finishing my bachelor’s degree, I started working at an advertising agency that produced a wide variety of commercial media – catalogues, campaigns, advertising. My role included producing the images as well as the final product.  

What training did you have before entering the industry?

I completed a bachelor’s degree in business/economics and sports science. Due to my interest in the marketing/communications industry,  I interned and worked at an advertising agency during my studies.

Later in my career I acquired a master’s degree in marketing management. 

Why do you enjoy working in the industry?

I love working with so many amazing people who all have different skills and strengths. I enjoy getting to work on various types of projects, seeing how they come to life thanks to the work of each individual.

What piece of advice would you offer someone looking to explore a role similar to yours?

Don’t be the one that says no to yourself, meaning don’t talk yourself out of going after something, because skills and knowledge are learnable. It also helps if you’re a “big picture person”, who trusts in the people you’re working with, keeping in mind that we’re all human.