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Imagine survey delivers welcome insight into CTV ad buying

Imagine Communications' new report, Connected TV Ad Buying: A Survey Of Ad Agency Buyers, offers valuable insights for media companies working to develop targeted solutions for Connected TV (CTV) advertising

Broadcast and media solutions provider Imagine Communications has announced the publication of a major new survey report entitled Connected TV Ad Buying: A Survey Of Ad Agency Buyers.

Available to download for free from the Imagine website, the survey – which was conducted in Q1 2023 and draws on the opinions of 43 senior advertising executives based across Europe and North America – offers valuable insights for media companies working to develop targeted solutions for Connected TV (CTV) advertising.

Among other areas, the report covers key topics including CTV vs linear ad buying; primary challenges associated with CTV ad buying; brand safety and ad loads; and measurement expectations. In addition, there is specific insight into the impact on CTV prices of new ad-based streaming services launched by Netflix and Disney+.

Headline statistics include 51.2 per cent of respondents planning to increase their investment in CTV by either ‘more’ or ‘much more’ in the near-future, and 71 per cent of respondents stating that they would like to buy linear and CTV advertising together.

The report emerges during a highly eventful period for CTV advertising. The continued growth of existing streaming services, and the emergence of some dynamic new ones, has combined to create a huge potential market. It has also thrown a spotlight on the effectiveness and reach of different advertising platforms and models.

Therefore, this new research should prove to be extremely useful to advertising solutions providers and ad operations executives seeking to navigate their way through this complex media buying landscape. By helping them to better meet the needs of advertisers, it will also pave the way to securing more ad budget for their CTV platforms.

Dan Murray, product marketing at Imagine Communications, highlights the significance of sourcing ad agency executive perspectives on CTV ad buying growth, ad placement, and brand safety. 

“The findings not only provide captivating insights, but also offer actionable data for broadcasters and ad tech companies to develop and deliver effective solutions in these areas,” he says. “This survey underscores Imagine’s ongoing commitment to empowering quality ad decision-making across both CTV and linear platforms and equipping advertisers with the necessary tools for success.”

Imagine Communications is itself a leading provider of advertising solutions for the full range of contemporary broadcast and streaming services. For instance, its class-leading Ad Management systems and Video Ad Server provide the Ad Tech solutions required to support hybrid linear and CTV advertising, while always ensuring consistent broadcast-quality controls.

Connected TV Ad Buying: A Survey Of Ad Agency Buyers is relevant to ad-tech, ad operations and ad sales executives at broadcasters, media companies and MVPD cable operators. To download it for free, simply complete a short form here.