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Roku adds premium streaming channels

The Roku Channel will allow users to stream content from Showtime, Starz and other content providers

Roku has announced plans to launch premium streaming channels to its users.

The content from the likes of Showtime, Starz, Epix and more will be available to users via the Roku Channel.

Customers will be able to see all the shows and films available on those platforms before they subscribe and will also be able to access the content from other devices, such as phones and tablets. They’ll also be able to pay for all the services through one bill paid to Roku, instead of a separate bill for each service.

The launch of the premium streaming channels allows Roku’s media partners a chance to include advertising content inside the Roku app instead of separate apps where fewer viewers can see the adverts. 

The move to placing content directly into Roku’s own channel was first mooted in November.