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Roku “wants to shake up the way viewers watch video”

Company wants to place content directly into its app, in exchange for a larger share of advertising revenue

Roku is planning to shake up the way viewers watch video, according to a new report.

CNBC cites five advertising, technology and media executives who had talked with the company. It says Roku is in talks with media companies to include their content in its app instead of leaving it in their own separate apps

In exchange, Roku intends to lead advertising sales on the companies’ shows, and take a larger share of the revenue.

Other apps will still be included on the platform, but would not be featured as prominently as they are currently. 

One proposed plan would make the Roku-owned free service the home screen, where people would be able to access partner content without switching from app to app, says CNBC. Roku would recommend shows and films based on user data and pre-set categories.

Roku has declined to comment on the report.