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Visionular to deliver sub-100kbps streaming via AV1 codec

Its partnership with Reticulate Micro aims to deliver real-time video encoding at bitrates lower than legacy codecs such as H.264 and HEVC, with streaming bitrates as low as 35kbps

AI-driven video compression and streaming provider, Visionular, has announced a strategic partnership with Reticulate Micro, Inc, which aims to deliver ultra-low-bitrate (sub-100kbps), ultra-low latency live streaming using the AV1 video coding standard.

Underlying video compression is provided by Visionular’s AI-driven technology that uses a three-step process, said the company. Intelligent Scene Classification tailors encoding strategies for different video genres, such as sports or news, and complexities; AI-powered Enhancement enables lower bitrates and Region-of-Interest Content-Adaptive Encoding focuses on crucial areas of the frame for seamless playback.

The collaboration combines the solution with Reticulate’s VASTTM software-based, real-time video and image encoding system that supports AV1. VASTTM delivers real-time video encoding at bitrates lower than legacy codecs such as H.264 and HEVC, said the company, with streaming bitrates as low as 35kbps.

The partnership aims to empower users in sports and news to deliver ultra-low-bitrate live streaming services, reduce storage and delivery costs using the AV1 video codec, stream MISB 601 KLV Metadata with the AV1 codec and future-proof content security with post-quantum cryptography, said the company.

Joshua Cryer, president and CEO of Reticulate Micro, said: “Our relationship with Visionular enables a uniquely accretive capability that is truly unprecedented. Select customers will have exclusive access to ultra-secure High-Definition video over extremely low-bitrate connections at exceptionally low latency. We are excited about delivering this disruptive and exclusive capability to a world that must counter the threats of quantum computing, disconnected intermittent and limited connections, and the era of deep fakes.”