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Emmy Awards recognise virtual reality

Four VR programmes nominated for outstanding original interactive programme

The 70th Primetime Emmy Awards nominations sees a possible build in momentum for virtual reality programming.

In the category of outstanding original interactive programme, four of this year’s five nominees are VR programmes.

Blade Runner 2049: Memory Lab from Magnopus, Alcon Interactive and Oculus; Coco VR, from Pixar, Disney, Oculus and Magnopus; and Spider-Man Homecoming VR Experience, from Create VR and Sony Pictures. The other virtual reality nominee is Back to the Moon, a homage to Georges Melies and his 1902 film A Trip to the Moon, created through the Google Spotlight Stories program.

The final nominee in the category is NASA JPL: Cassini’s Grand Finale, from YouTube and NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Game of Thrones leads this year’s Emmy Awards with 22 nominations. The winners will be announced on 17th September.